About indehype

About Inde. Hype!

Simply put, Inde. Hype! is a “Power Tool” for independent artist to upload, sell, stream, share and promote their music to fan who love to listen and buy what you’ve created. We are also the needful for listeners who love, independent artist and underground content. Listen, Enjoy, Buy and Share your favorite content.


Inde. Hype! History

Inde. Hype! history goes back as far as 1990 when computers had 386 and 486 processors; running Windows 3.1 with at the time, powerful SoundBlaster soundcards. In 1990, the founder saw the vision and understood the assignment. With his 386 computer running Windows 3.1 and a software called Sound Galaxy, The founder was able to record music from a stereo speaker or a boom box headphone plug directly into the SoundBlaster soundcard input jack. From there he was able to sample, cut, loop, add sound-overs and mix down the music using a software call Sound Galaxy. In 1998 Inde. Hype! found launched a website called Dirty South Gone Digital that provided LIVE streaming music showcasing independent artist. Founder Kenneth Thomas was like a time traveler. He was 8 to 20 years ahead of his time. In 1998, computers where still something NEW to the consumer market. People where still using dial-up internet through a regular wall phone cable plug into the computer through a modem which provided ONLY 14kb of data upload compared to today internet speed of 31000 to 50000+ kb/ mbps. In 1998 no one understood the concept. There was no Napster or iTunes, just us. Inde. Hype understands the assignment.


Inde. Hype! provides everything that an artist needs to, upload their media support by Inde. Hype!, stream it, sell it, Get Paid, and share your direct link to your album purchase page.


Inde. Hype! is a No Brainer Platform for Independent content providers. Inde. Hype! simplifies EVERYTHING that you are trying to do.

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