Inde. Hype! Here-in-after in this privacy policy may be called, we, us our, our company feel strongly about fundamental privacy rights that should apply the same all around the world. We treat any data that identifies an individual or that is linked/ linkable to them by Inde. Hype! as “personal data”;  Your name, serial number of your device is personal data. Aggregated data is to be considered as non-personal data as it is used in this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy covers how Inde. Hype! and it’s Affiliated companies handle personal data from communication via Inde. Hype’s, website, in-person, through phone calls, VOIP services, our App or recording booths.   Inde. Hype! may link to third parties on our services.  It is encouraged to read third party privacy policy and know your rights with them.


Privacy Rights on Inde. Hype!

Inde. Hype! repects your right to know, correct, restrict and transfer the processing of your personal data. We will delete it upon request.  We provide these rights to our customers around the world. If you choose to exercise these privacy rights, you have the right to not be discriminated against in any way from Inde. Hype!  You are requested to us processing your personal data at Inde. Hype! You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time


To help protect and secure your personal data you must sign-up for a membership and login first where your identity will be verified. If you want to receive a copy of that personal data, you must contact us.

It may be situations where we cannot provide you with your request.  For example, If you ask us to delete your transaction data and Inde. Hype! is legally obligated to keep a record of that transaction to comply with law.  Inde. Hype! may also decline request where doing so would undermine our legitimate use of data for anti-fraud and security purposes where your request for deletion is pending an investigation for legal or security reasons or if it jeopardizes  the privacy of others, is frivolous or vexatious, or extremely impractical. 


Personal Data Inde. Hype Collects


Personal Data Received From Third Parties

Inde. Hype! may receive personal data such as, digital audio content from third party sources such as online digital content distributors, royal free resources, services that provide security and fraud prevention, and the likes. This information may include your personal data.

Your Personal Data        You may work with other individuals or third parties such as, “Record Label, Digital Content Distributors”, or other third parties that share your personal data with inde. Hype! or share data for inde. Hype! rewards and loyalty program.

Inde. Hype! Partners     We may also validate information that you provide us through third parties for security and fraud prevention purposes.  Personal data that we may use are pictures, videos, audio sound bites or other personal data that may be used for identification within accordance of the law. We also collect personal data for research and deployment.


Inde. Hype! Personal Data Use

Some or all provided personal data is used for the purpose of broadcasting, streaming media content, uploading, downloading, buying, selling transactions, memberships, communicating, security, and fraud prevention. We may also use personal data for other purposes with your content.  It may be necessary to process your personal data to comply and fulfill a contract with you. Processing your data may be

Required to comply with law if we believe it’s in our or others legitimate interests. We will consider your interest and rights as well as your expectations.


Our Services

Inde. Hype! collects personal data necessary to operate or services which may include streaming media content information, digital content upload and download, selling, buying, sharing our link on other platforms, transactions auditing, data analysis, troubleshooting, contacting you; Here-in-out called “the end-user”.

Processing Your Transactions    We collect data such as your name, address, transaction date, products and services purchased and any added notes to purchase.

Communicating with you            We may contact via personal data that you provided about trademark and copyright infringement, media content, transactions, user account, membership issues, services, products, and event that we may be hosting. We may also contact you about important notices, updates to term of use, or privacy policy.

Security and Fraud Prevention  At Inde. Hype! we take security and fraud serious. To protect individuals, employees and inde. Hype! in the event of security risk, loss prevention and to prevent fraud, if it is discovered that you; the end-user have uploaded content that is potentially illegal, such as copyright and or trademark infringement, which may include, but not limited to, sexual and or child sexual exploitation, intentional hate crimes of any kind, we “may or may not” attempt to contact you via your personal data before permanently removing or terminating your account. “If” we cannot reach you or get a response from you within 7 days, your account will be deleted, terminated, canceled without any further notice.  Any money you may have spent with inde. Hype will be lost with no refunds.  Any data you provided will be permanently deleted; loss and not retrievable.

Personalization of Services         We may use personal data to personalize your experience on inde. Hype! end-user personal information may be used to connect you with record labels, news media, third party digital distribution resources, provide marketing, benefits, rewards, package deals and updates etc.


Personal Data Sharing

Inde. Hype! may share your personal data with third party music services such as digital distributors, record labels, radio stations, marketing material, Mix CD Djs, etc.

Third Party Providers    Inde. Hype! may work with third party providers such as hosting and data storage providers that will host your personal information. Where-in they have their own privacy policies and terms of use in connection with your data. We also work with programmers, and app coders who will need to use your personal data to input it into our website and app services.

 Inde. Hype! has one focused propose.  That is to provide media content artist with the best service that there is to offer. It is not our focus to sell personal data to third parties for profit. The parties that we work with either provide services to Inde. Hype! or provide services that promote independent artist in one way or another. There are also third party providers that provide valuable information about music and the music industry.

Partners        Inde. Hype! may partner with third parties such as Podcasting services, Event Centers and or Hosting service providers, Radio Stations, Television and or News providers, Newspapers, Information providers, Other streaming music and music platforms, Credit/ debit Card services for loyalty rewards and payment processing, Payment processing services, Law enforcement (if we determine that there is a local, or national security risk with your interaction on Inde. Hype! in ANY way, and the likes.

Others           Inde. Hype! may share your personal data with Partners with your consent with your carrier to activate your account. We may disclose personal date about you to law enforcements if we determine that there is a national, public, illegal, or security risk in your interaction with “any aspect” of Inde. Hype! services, users or staff.  Fraud may or will be reported to law emforcement.


Inde. Hype! Commitment to Your Privacy

At Inde. Hype we make sure your personal data is secure as possible.  Our staff has been provided with our privacy and it is strictly enforce. It is our goal to remove ANY account that is in violation with our policy and deal with violators swiftly and according to law when necessary.


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